Stop Eating My Alpha!

You know that friend who watches you eating your lunch, reaches over and grabs some of your fries? Those are YOUR fries! You were deliberately saving those, and now you’ll go back to the office hungry. This isn’t only annoying, but it is quite frustrating.


Automated trading is a quantitative game of numbers, speed, agility, and thin margins. You build your trading strategies to take advantage of every opportunity, and if you are active in the market you are counting on a portion of the returns coming from exchange rebates. You are the one taking the risk and putting your capital forward to create the liquidity and should be rewarded with a rebate. Some brokers may not pass exchange rebates back to their customers. This puts the trader at a profitable disadvantage, allowing their broker to steal all their fries.


Lime isn’t the type of broker that steals fries, we give back fries. We always pass back rebates to our customers. This transparency is important to us as we strive to make every client as profitable and successful as possible.

* All rates listed above indicative and subject to change without prior written notice.


* All rates listed above indicative and subject to change without prior written notice.


The Lime Brokerage team is here to create an environment for traders of unsurpassed reliability and scale with exceptionally low latency that can handle any event the market can throw at us. Our clients know this. It gives them the freedom to leave technical concerns to us so they can focus on crafting successful strategies. And with us, our clients can build strategies and algorithms with the understanding that they are receiving market pass-throughs they are entitled.


We know that it’s all about the alpha, and we know our place in our client’s trading lives. Our clients appreciate the role we play, and the exceptional service we offer. Some of our competitors? They are “that guy.”


So, go ahead, plan to maximize your alpha—and keep the fries (you’re hungry!).



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