One-Stop-Shop Trading Solutions


Technology is at the core of how companies operate and maintain their competitive edge in this cut-throat environment. Especially in trading, technology is the key factor behind the transformation in the way buying and selling of financial products are done. Even though trading platforms are equipped with the latest technologies, there is an increasing number of complex regulations that pose significant challenges to traders. “The traders must focus on their core mission and strategies, instead of being burdened with the technical aspects of trading,” says Johan Sandblom, SVP of Lime Brokerage. To achieve success in the trading arena, organizations need a reliable, sophisticated, and stable trading platform that can not only navigate the readiness of a complex regulatory environment but also provide the technology and the pipes to the U.S options and equities market.


Enter Lime Brokerage.

Lime Brokerage, an agency-only firm, aces the trading arena, with a groundbreaking battle-tested trading platform that breaks all the barriers experienced with conventional trading tools. “We provide the industry’s most advanced trading technologies and execution services, providing traders superior access to the U.S options and equity markets,” states Sandblom. Lime’s trading systems provide unsurpassed reliability and scalability with exceptionally low latency. Besides technology, the firm’s forte also lies in their dedicated cutting-edge technologists that have profound domain experience and professionalism to deliver top quality solutions.

“We offer end-to-end plug and play solutions that meet customers’ needs in terms of technology, market data, market access, co-location, and clearing through partners,” explains Antonio Abad, Chief Technology Officer at Lime Brokerage.

Lime’s market access gateway which is accessible via a simplified API integration provides the regulatory pretrade risk designed to meet the Market Access Rule. Besides technology and execution services, Lime offers its clients a perfect blend of industry knowledge, professionalism with the ability to react quickly to client requests.

Besides Market Access to all US Equity and Options Exchanges and to the most relevant dark pools, Lime also provides a suite of benchmark algorithms to traders that are looking for flexibility in executing large orders—such as POV (percentage of volume), TWAP (time weighted average price), and VWAP (volume weighted average price). These algorithms allow traders to route and execute their orders for price and speed smartly. For smaller orders, Lime’s liquidity seeking algorithms excels in the industry. The smart router offers different strategies that are optimizing speed, low execution cost, for example. Low-latency market data and market access allow these types of orders to be processed efficiently. Throwing further light on Lime’s offerings, Abad continues, “On the market data side, we have a solution that allows customers to capture normalized data through an API.”

While giving a glimpse of the future endeavors, Sandblom and Abad both mention about continuing to work with customers as partners and build out solutions to execute their trading strategy in more efficient ways, along with that, Lime team has many new and exciting projects lined-up in the next year.

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