Lime Brokerage announces equity market access through Goldman Sachs

Lime Brokerage announces equity market access through Goldman Sachs.

New York, NY – October 31, 2018 – Lime Brokerage, an agency-only brokerage firm and pioneer of ultra-low-latency trading technology, has teamed up with Goldman Sachs to leverage their Low Latency Direct Market Access Gateway to enhance Lime’s equity market access. This new offering compliments Lime’s extensive suite of multi-asset trading products which are designed for sophisticated automated traders, broker dealers, proprietary trading groups, clearing firms, global custodians, hedge funds, and exchanges.

Lime’s advanced trading technologies and execution services provide access to automated, high-volume, electronic trading markets in a reliable and scalable manner. As an enhancement to Lime’s current data and exchange membership routes, Goldman Sachs’ high standard of technology will expand upon Lime’s fundamentals of excellence.

Johan Sandblom, SVP, Business Development, commented on the partnership by saying, “Lime and Goldman are two highly respected brands and leaders in the trading industry. By Lime having access to Goldman Sachs Low Latency Direct Market Access Gateway, our clients will be positioned to take advantage of a new set of services, technologies, and routing opportunities.”

For more information on Lime’s technology and order routing please contact Johan at jsandblom@limebrokerage.

About Lime Brokerage

Lime Brokerage LLC (Lime), is a FINRA and NFA member and a fully disclosed introducing broker-dealer based in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Platteville. Lime offers the industry’s most advanced trading technologies and execution services, providing traders superior access to the most automated, high-volume electronic trading markets. Lime’s systems provide unsurpassed reliability and scale with exceptionally low latency. Developed to handle the demands of the automated and electronic trading community, Lime’s technology caters to a diverse and sophisticated client base. The result is a robust, highly reliable, agency-only system that includes market data and trading platforms. It allows clients to trade efficiently and anonymously across all major lit and dark market venues.

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