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Lime’s clients benefit from a unique experience through access to a full array of products and services, which provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution.


Our Engineering Team is the lifeblood powering Lime’s world class technology. Their responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting top talent from major universities to drive excellence and spur innovation
  • Developing highly reliable, blazingly fast technology upon which clients execute
  • Building software to efficiently support front and back office needs across domains
  • Employing traditional and agile methodologies to hone and accelerate development
Professional Services

Lime’s team has extensive expertise in market microstructure, technology infrastructure, and trading strategy development. We are available to help build custom technology solutions and provide advice on optimal trading architectures. These services help clients focus on their core competencies, efficiently deploying their ideas to the market while mitigating implementation risk.

  • Strategy Studio engineers are available to implement fully bespoke systematic trading strategies and execution algorithms
  • Network Operations engineers are available for Smart-Hands services, including O/S installation, system tuning, and troubleshooting
  • Technology integration services with third party service providers and proprietary client systems
Network Operations

Lime Network Operations provides the infrastructure to support the demanding needs of high frequency trading, including:

  • Point of presence in all major U.S. exchange data centers
  • Latency-optimized network between co-locations using ultra low latency dark fibers and Arista switches
  • Dedicated 10/40G links for clients
  • Raw market data access
  • Network monitoring and latency measurement with Corvil
  • Premium connectivity to major U.S. equity exchanges
  • Proximity hosting
  • Remote hands support, professional services
Technical Solutions

Our Technical Solutions Team is responsible for providing client technical support, including:

  • Troubleshooting all client technical inquiries
  • Working with Client Services to on-board clients from a technical perspective
  • Facilitating client requests as lead liaison between the client and Engineering