Lime’s clients benefit from a unique experience through access to a full array of products and services, which provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Business Development

Our Business Development Team is keenly focused on developing and strengthening new and existing client relationships. This includes:

  • Focusing on strategy, sales, partnership, and relationship management
  • Driving creative solutions to support client needs within the Lime ecosystem


Client Services

The Lime Client Services Team is responsible for seamless client on-boarding and day-to-day client account management. This includes:

  • Working with Business Development to bring aboard new clients
  • Coordinating with Execution Services and Technical Solutions to on-board clients
  • Providing superb customer service to all clients


Technical Solutions

Our Technical Solutions Team is responsible for providing client technical support, including:

  • Troubleshooting all client technical inquiries
  • Working with Client Services to on-board clients from a technical perspective
  • Facilitating client requests as lead liaison between the client and Engineering


Execution Services

Through our Execution Services Team, our clients enjoy the lucrative benefits of:

  • Smarter algorithms and efficient routing
  • Access to lit and dark market venues
  • Enhanced exchange economics
  • Certifications with several OMS/EMS vendors
  • Exceptional trade desk support
  • Clearing and Reporting



Our Engineering Team is the lifeblood powering Lime’s world class technology. Their responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting top talent from major universities to drive excellence and spur innovation
  • Developing highly reliable, blazingly fast technology upon which clients execute
  • Building software to efficiently support front and back office needs across domains
  • Employing traditional and agile methodologies to hone and accelerate development


Network Operations

Lime Network Operations provides the infrastructure to support the demanding needs of high frequency trading, including:

  • A Lime owned data center in Jersey City and a point of presence in all major U.S. exchange data centers
  • A latency-optimized network between co-locations using ultra low latency dark fibers and Arista switches
  • Dedicated 10/40G channels for clients
  • Raw market data access